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Joseph Mabinda

Joseph Mabinda from Africa

36 years old, male
I am a hard working person, young and strong,healthy with no impairment. I am a ugandan, qualified as a secondary teacher with a diploma but pay is too low back here. I can do any job outside teaching. Am law abiding. I have very good communication skills and am fluent in English. I love soccer and nature. I can make a difference in any institution.
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Joseph Maina

Joseph Maina from Africa

29 years old, male
Electrical maintenance and installations
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Amanda Tendai Mpofu

Amanda Tendai Mpofu

33 years old, female
I'm a creative, innovative and self motivated individual with more than 7 years experience in Education, holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education with a keen interest in child development Philosopy and social work.
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Nurcan Yıldız

Nurcan Yıldız from Turkiye

36 years old, male
Perakende sektorunde veya fabrıkalarda calısabılırım.A1 Sevıyesınde ıngılızcem var ama kursa gıdıp ılerletmek ıstıyorum.15 yıl boyunca Turkıyede muhasebe yardımcı elemanı olarak ve satıs departmanlarında calıstım.Isımı her zaman kendı ısım gıbı gorerek sahıp cıktım ve ona gore calıstım.Irlanda da calısmak ıcın oturum ıznım veya calısma ıznım yok.Ama bana uygun bır ıs bulabılırsem degısık ınsanlar gormek yenı yerler kesfetmek ıstıyorum.
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Wellington Mwamba

Wellington Mwamba from Africa

55 years old, male
I am looking for an Employment where there will be opportunities for me to exploit my career skills to capacity and be able to achieve progress as new challenges unfold careerwise
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Emmanuel Agyemang

Emmanuel Agyemang from Africa

39 years old, male
I am a professional Nurse with 11 years working experience in Ghana.I would want to work in Ireland facility for more diverse experience from different health care settings as I have been only in Hospitals in wards,Prescribing,emergency and theater.If I also get a teaching facility,I would like it.
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Eugene Acheampong

Eugene Acheampong from Africa

28 years old, male
Motivated Painter driven to provide high-quality work. Adept at working quickly without sacrificing results. Ready to bring Number years' experience to new position with long-term potential. Skilled Painter with eye for detail and efficient approach. Offering Number years of experience in painting and repair work. Dedicated Industrial Painter offers more than Number years of painting experience in commercial and industrial settings. In-depth knowledge of oil, latex and acrylic paints and stains. Meticulous and thorough. • Wall Repair • Sprayer Experience • Drywall and trim specialist • Paint mixing • Blast and paint equipment servicing Painter Citi Painters - Kumasi , Ghana • Construction professional • Written Communication • Supervision • Collaboration • Climbed scaffolding, staging, ladders and planks to reach work area surfaces and observed safety protocols to prevent falls. • Safely operated power sprayers and hand tools to prepare and paint large areas. • Painted surfaces using brushes, spray guns and paint rollers. • Committed to providing quality work at competitive prices. • Worked flexible schedule, including some holidays and weekends, depending on shifting needs of each project. Potter Amponsah Effah Pharmaceuticals - Kumasi, Ghana • Carefully prepared all design layouts into prepress files for offset, web and digital printing. • Consulted with clients to discuss commission ideas and style preferences to create mutually agreeable project parameters. • Made use of materials, such as ink, watercolors, charcoal, oil, computer software, paints, and pencils, to complete unique piece for customers. • Utilized oil paints, acrylics and charcoal to design mixed media.
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Peter Musili

Peter Musili from Africa

46 years old, male
Security guard job,my positive point is doing the right thing all the time and stay alert stay safe.
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Dayley Mckenzie

Dayley Mckenzie from North America

44 years old, female
I'm a Neonatologist Nurse how looking for work as Assistant Nurse or Neonatologist Nurse too if is possible. I have 11 years of experience in my speciality but I can work as Obstetrician Nurse too. I worked for 5 years in Qatar. I speak English(B2) and Spanish, the last one is my native. I live in Cuba but I'm available to move when you call me.
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Amouzou Amouzou

Amouzou Amouzou from Dublin

32 years old, male
Je voudrais être ouvrier de chantier pour travailler en équipe pour un bon déroulement des travaux sur le chantier. Participer à toutes les tâches qui me seront confié
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Kevin Bravo

Kevin Bravo from Nicaragua central amrica

32 years old, male
I am a professional worker formed in Supply chain area, I have more than 8 years of experience and I am looking for new opportunities to develope my skills.
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Aysenur Ilkim Ertin

Aysenur Ilkim Ertin from Dublin

27 years old, female
Hi, it is Ilkim here. I'm a content creator and digital marketing strategist inspired by intercultural experiences, a curious traveller, and an education enthusiast. I help people to maximise their digital presence while telling their unique stories. Right now, I'm an MSc student in digital marketing at UCD Michael Smurfit while acting as a class representative. Every voice deserves to be heard! + BSc in International Finance
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Ncikazi Alice Faku

Ncikazi Alice Faku from Dublin

45 years old, male
I am looking for a job with sales and retail work and also cleaner jobs ,I have good communication and self starter Good at resolving problem and also have helpers experience and good with associating with clients and customers ,I believe in good work place and also clean work environment and also have experience in retail and health care work place .
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Sandra Palermo

Sandra Palermo from Dublin

34 years old, female
Sumiller , foods and drinks . Economist
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Kenneth Go

Kenneth Go from Asia

47 years old, male
Looking for warehouse manager, my positive points are  Teamwork  Responsibility  Commitment  Career motivation  Communication  Leadership  Trustworthiness & Ethics  Results oriented  Problem solving  Organization  Top technical skills
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Erica Moncalvo

Erica Moncalvo from South America

36 years old, female
I have the tools and mastery for business and cooperation international together with the ability to collect data essential and relevant for the effective and efficient participation in the international stage. I intend to develop in the area of ​​Development and International Cooperation, as well as in international business.
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Shephard Chimhau

Shephard Chimhau from Africa

60 years old, male
Heavy duty driver position. I'm a Zimbabwean truck driver with several yrs driving experience and wish to migrate to Ireland to work as a driver. Energetic , mature and hardworking and possibly the best candidate for the job.
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Lazarus Mndlovu

Lazarus Mndlovu from South africa

33 years old, male
Hi I'm Lazarus a rigid truck driver from South Africa
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Amet Faruk Sezgin

Amet Faruk Sezgin from Outside Ireland

27 years old, male
Hello I am ahmet, i am 25 years old, i have been working as a truck driver in a cargo company for 5 years and i want to work in ireland.
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Farida Ramazanova

Farida Ramazanova from Asia

28 years old, female
Flight attendant.
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